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Cooking Up Cultures is where we use food and cooking to teach languages. Immersion style. What language do you want to learn?
Why Cooking + Language Learning
Edible Environment

Food is a comfortable platform to connect with foreign cultures.

Active and Engaging

No more sitting in front of blackboard or a computer screen to learn a second language.

Not just how, Why we cook

Not only will you learn how to cook authentic recipes, you will learn why we cook these dishes.

Let your fears go

Immersion style language learning will help you let go of any hesitations you have to speak.

Language of "real life”

You will learn how the language spoken in "real life.”

Way children learn-naturally

Learn to speak, by listening and trail and error. Just like Children do.

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Student Testimonials

I spent two months in a language school, but I’ve learned more important and useful things in this class.

ZOLI Cooking Up English Student

I love that, now, I think in Spanish at home when I cook.

ANNIE Cooking Up Spanish Student